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Phase 2 is a traveling coffee cart that goes to any special event that a person might have whether it’s a wedding or business event.

The concept came from Christian J Lynch and Noah Mills with being able to travel while also not having any overhead from a classic brick and mortar shop or even being stuck in one place.

Kansas City has had some coffee trailers before or even some carts but the carts have come after an already established coffee company from a brick and mortar building.

We wanted to change up the game in Kansas City and brand ourselves as “The Coffee Cart of Kansas City.” Our brand name Phase 2 comes from two young boys who are willing to take the risk and step out and pursue their next “phase” in life in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. We definitely want to be known as the best tasting coffee in the greater KC area with the help of our local KC wholesale partner “Oddly Correct.”

We want the brand to be known for more than just coffee and also a brand that supports young entrepreneurs and creatives in pursuing their dreams especially in the Gen Z field. In the next 5 years we will be building a brand that partners with ambassadors who represent what Phase 2 embodies to create a positive environment not only in the city but on social media.

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